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  • Why Mobile Yoga?

    Not having enough time to leave the comforts of your home does not serve as an excuse for not learning Yoga. In fact, such situation gives you a unique opportunity to learn Yoga in a way that only few select people had been able to enjoy. Here in Mobile Yoga Ubud , we're your best bet when it comes to utmost relaxation while learning every bit about Yoga. We can enable you to practice this kind of workout right in the comforts of your home. You do not have to drive/ride yourself to any location so you save on gas/transport fees as well. If your contemplating booking our sessions, read our articles on our site as it gives you some things you need to know about doing yoga. read more..

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  • Yoga for the Handicapped and Immobile – The Fundamental Guide

    Yoga is a very ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that’s known to have started in India. The discipline involves training of both the body and the mind to bring balance back to your life. This practice largely concentrates more on the harmony of the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, the purpose of yoga is […]

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  • Wheelchair Yoga for People With Mobility Problems

    When you think of people practicing yoga, you envision supple, young people who are bent into different kinds of positions. Yes, you’d be shocked to hear that yoga can be incredibly beneficial for people with mobility problems too — including the elderly and those with disabilities. That in truth, the practice of yoga has since […]

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  • Benefits Of Yoga Class -The Peace Within

    After months of being busy in the office, I noticed I gained some extra weight. On top of that, my mind and body was too stressed out to go to the gym and plan a healthy diet. I also realized I’ve been eating too much of fast foods and Chinese take-outs and less of the […]

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