Learn All About the Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Travelling yoga in Ubud will help you practice yoga wherever you may be around the city. You will not have to deal with traffic or lack of parking space when heading to the studio. What you would need is the right mindset and equipment and you are good to go.


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Yoga is for everyone, if you are aspiring to be a practitioner for health reasons, then this is for you. Like with all workouts, yoga has its own benefits in both body and mind.

Benefits of yoga for the body

Yoga is designed to be helpful to the body. It has been proven for hundreds of years to be a fool proof way to stay healthy. That is why many people are practicing the discipline. Here are some of the health benefits that you could get from yoga:

  • Increases flexibility. With the demanding poses stretching your joints and ligaments, you would have a wider range of motion using your back, hamstrings, shoulders, and hips.
  • Increase in strength. Some yoga poses would require you to lift your body’s weight, increasing strength in your arms and your legs. Not only can that, switching positions also contribute to this benefit.
  • Helps tone your muscles. As expected from increase in strength, your muscles would be in good shape making them look lean and perfectly toned.
  • Helps prevent muscle pains. Being stronger and flexible can help prevent back pains which are usually caused by being in one position for a very long time. If you are experiencing these issues, you can start taking yoga classes to eliminate back or shoulder pains.
  • Improve respiratory health. Pranayama is a branch of yoga where in it focuses on breathing. If there is improvement in breathing, more oxygen is passed on to the blood making your body more efficient.

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