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Benefits Of Yoga Class -The Peace Within

After months of being busy in the office, I noticed I gained some extra weight. On top of that, my mind and body was too stressed out to go to the gym and plan a healthy diet. I also realized I’ve been eating too much of fast foods and Chinese take-outs and less of the […]

Mobile Yoga Ubud: The Life Improving Effect of Yoga

People are now indulging into activities such as exercise to maintain a healthy well-being. There are many forms of exercise that can help an individual maintain a healthy weight. One popular form of exercise is yoga. Yoga originated in India a thousand years ago and became famous for its enormous benefits that can deliver physical, […]

Mobile Yoga Ubud: From Ancient to Modern Times

Yoga, what is yoga? Basically for anyone who’s heard about this word will instantaneously have an idea encrypted in relation to health and wellness. And why doubt that notion when in fact yoga is very much associated of the said factors. Back in the days when the world was young, thriving and new, Hindu’s gave […]