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After months of being busy in the office, I noticed I gained some extra weight. On top of that, my mind and body was too stressed out to go to the gym and plan a healthy diet. I also realized I’ve been eating too much of fast foods and Chinese take-outs and less of the healthy stuff.

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Finding about yoga class

One day, I decided to wear my sexy jeans and it wouldn’t fit me in the hips anymore. That was it for me. It was a nightmare and I immediately decided to find a work-out program that can help me get back in shape fast.

I’ve tried everything I can get my hands on – instructional DVDs on super strength workouts, 30-day exercise routines and I even attended classes on Taebo – just to shed weight fast. Sadly, it only made my muscles and joints ache and I gave up after a few days.

I was browsing the internet one night and I came across a creative infographic about the benefits of doing yoga and it became a life-changing moment for me. Sure, I’ve heard about yoga before but I thought it was all poses and meditation.

Different types of yoga

I never knew that yoga provides long term health benefits that can change your life. I was even surprised that there’s pregnancy yoga, yoga for kids, power yoga and more variations. What really caught my eye was that yoga can lower stress levels (which I really need).

Also shown on the infographic, yoga can improve brain function. Bikram yoga, which is performed in a heated room, is effective in increasing shoulder, back and hamstring flexibility. You can get these benefits after attending just one class!

According to the infographic, yoga can do wonders to your mind and body after a few months. You’ll be surprised about the numerous benefits you could get. I’ve read that some yoga programs have been found to reduce anxiety by increasing the brain’s feel-good chemicals.

Other good benefits you can get

It also said that yoga can relieve chronic back pain and neck pain (perfect for those spending long hours behind an office desk like me). It gives you an improved sense of balance and lung capacity. Yoga lowers blood sugar levels in Diabetics and improves sexual function!

A supporting statement found on the infographic states that yoga (like Hatha yoga) could boost arousal, desire, orgasm and general sexual satisfaction for women. It’ll help you become more familiar with your body. Get ready for wanting lots and lots of sex!

Practicing restorative yoga longer will eventually lower your risk of heart disease. It will also strengthen your bones since it increases bone density among older adults. More importantly, yoga can help you maintain you’re healthy weight.

Continuing the discipline

After learning many things about yoga, I enrolled myself in a studio immediately. After weeks of doing Power yoga, I’ve never felt so happy. All the stress caused by work was just gone all of a sudden. My craving for fast foods and sweets has decreased.

Aside from that, my partner has been so happy with my performance in bed. So if you’re looking for an exercise that can help you through achieving a healthy lifestyle, yoga can give you amazing results. Try it! Whether it’s Yoga Indonesia or other forms of yoga, it’s the most effective way to achieve inner peace.

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