Learn All About the Sun Salutation Poses for Yoga Novices

Sun Salutation poses (also known as Salute to the Sun and Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit) are basic Hatha style yoga practice. Sun Salutation techniques are classically practiced in the morning at sunrise. A sun salutation is a series of 12 flowing poses done in succession so that one pose transitions gently with the subsequent. The flow swiftness and duration might differ, but the action is done in accompanied by the breath. As you extend or stretch you will inhale and as you bend or contract you will let out your breath. This method is called vinyasa.


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The Sun Salutation Poses propose is to warm our bodies for follow-up series of acute muscle stretches that hereby toughens our body as well improves our flexibility and spine. This pose also tones the abdominal muscles. Sun salutation poses are perfect for the days where you need to get some yoga in and either you do not have time or you are cross training with another exercise such as running.

The 12 Sun Salutation Poses

Step by Step on how to do Sun Salutation Poses. It’s very hassle-free and all you need is a Yoga Mat to do this order.

Step 1: The first pose is what we name as the Prayer. Stand erect with breast outward, feet flat on the mat and close together, knees and thighs relaxed and tight. Bring your hands forward in front of your chest as if in prayer, elbows unbent.

Step 2: Arms elevate above the head – As we raise our arms over our head, we deeply inhale, palms up and extend as we slowly arching our back. Do the stretching with our arms slightly apart.

Step 3: Forward bend pose – Place upright straight and at least bend your body in front. Swing the hips and stay put your upper body equally with your torso straight. Do this without bending the knees. You are exercising this with your hands flat on the mat and the head is close to your knees as possible.

Step 4: Equestrian pose – Inhale, bring the right foot to the back of the mat on the toes like a hurl. Using your finger tips for bearing out and the left leg at a right angle, get started on bending the extended leg at the knee towards the floor. Look up.

Step 5: Plank pose – Control your breath, extend your left leg back on your toes side by side to your right without moving the position of your hands and leg by any means. Palms flat on the mat, maintain your spine straight and elbows interlock. Don’t let your head or hips drop. It will look as though you are just about to do a push up.

Step 6: Salute with 8 limbs pose – Exhale, deflect your elbows in the direction of your body and head on down as low as you can at your shoulders and keep other parts of your body perfectly immobile exactly like a push up. Once down near the floor, move and drop your knees, chest and forehead to the ground gently touching. Your hips as well as pelvic should still be raised. Eight points should be pressing the floor – forehead, chest, and two palms, both knees and both feet.

Step 7: Cobra pose- Inhale, and sweep your body forward, straightening your arms, broadening your shoulders upward, lowering your hips all the down to the ground. Bring your chest up and arching your back. Look up towards the horizon.

Step 8: Downward facing dog pose – Let out your breath and while not shifting your hands and feet, tuck your toes and elevate your hips and backside up. Straighten your spine and knees, spread thy fingers as it evenly pushes down from your arms. Put your heels against the ground as you push back your thighs. Let your head hang loose and relaxingly lower your shoulders to widen your collarbone.

Step 9: Equestrian pose – Lunge frontward even while inhaling and bring about your right leg between your hands recurring the position in Step 4

Step 10: Standing forward bend pose – On breathe out, put forth the left foot downward next to the right and forward bend into Standing forward bend pose (Step 3).

Step 11: Raised arms pose – Straighten out the back and reach your arms on top your head, palms connected and repeat Step 2

Step 12: Last Prayer Pose – Have your arms lifted above, little by little lower it down to your chest.

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