What You Need to Know About Yoga and its’ Benefits

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Mobile Yoga Ubud

What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that originated from India. It is a way of attaining peace and stable spirituality by meditating. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union” which is the union of mind, body and soul.

Some people make yoga as a form of a workout. By stretching and doing complicated poses, you increase your flexibility, improve muscle endurance and help circulate the blood. With that, it is gaining more and more popularity in the western world.

The things that you would need to start

Like all workout sessions, you would need these basic equipment to start practicing yoga. Some of them are optional and would totally depend on your yoga master.

  • Clothing. You would need comfortable and breathable garments for this discipline. It is advisable if you go for more fitting clothes but not too tight.Your regular workout pants would do but it is advisable not to go with lycra type pants since it would cause you to slip.
  • Shoes. Most yoga instructors would require you to leave your shoes at the entrance. Since yoga is done barefoot, you would not need to bring bulky workout shoes with you.
  • Mats. Mats or sticky mat is what determines your space when practicing yoga. Also, it would help you in maintaining a pose, especially when you are getting a bit sweaty, by using friction from your body to the mat.

There are some yoga techniques that would require you to maintain a specific position until you have mastered it thoroughly.

  • Blankets. Blankets can help you maintain a good sitting position or use it on different yoga poses. You can grab one or two at the beginning of your session or you can buy one for yourself.
  • Blocks. Like blankets, blocks also help maintain a good pose and can help with making the practice more comfortable for you.
  • Straps. These are also good to help you in more complicated positions. You can strap your extremities and practice with that certain pose.

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